Quality Products & Attention to Detail

At ACE Hose & Rubber Company, our reputation for quality since 1943 has earned us the confidence and trust of customers in a wide variety of industries. Our commitment to quality products and quality service are the reason customers return to us year after year.

We provide solutions to individual problems by working closely with our customers. ACE is dedicated to earning your business through a combination of top value and fair treatment. Whatever your need, ACE can handle your job economically and quickly. Just call our sales service department and we’ll be happy to quote prices for you.

To our Customers and Business Associates

The past few years have included significant developments enabling us to serve you better:

Technological advancements in the selection of materials and related fabrication processes. Enlarged Customer Service Staff to handle increasing demands for ACE products.

By establishing and maintaining a leading market position, ACE Hose & Rubber will better be able to uphold our ever strong commitments to competitive prices, prompt service, and the highest quality of each and every ACE product.

I would like to thank our customers, employees, and business associates for their continuing loyalty and support.


Bruce Behrstock