Product Changes

Since the time of developing these Web pages, some of our products may have changed. Please call and refer to the product page heading as well as its product code and item code when requesting up to date information.


Net 30 days to accounts who have established credit with ACE Hose & Rubber. We reserve the right to withhold shipment to accounts with unpaid balances exceeding 30 days, or, alternatively, to require C.O.D. payment for new purchases until such time as the account is no longer delinquent and credit is re-approved.

Special Orders

We may require a firm non-cancellable order, plus a deposit to be determined at time of order.

Minimum Orders

Minimum order $40.00 merchandise. Minimum charge for shipping & handling $20.00 for a total Billing of $60.00


All shipments F.O.B. Factory

Establishing Credit

In order to establish a line of credit with ACE Hose & Rubber, a new account will minimally be asked to supply three trade credit references and a bank reference. To request a credit application press Establishing Credit: and type Credit in the subject or mail body area and an application will be emailed to you.

Rush Orders

On a first order which is rush, please send your check or money order with your order.Credit card orders are also acceptable.


All prices subject to change without prior written notice and will supersede all previously published or verbally quoted prices.


Applicable sales taxes will be charged on all orders unless we have customer’s exemption certificate on file.
We do not collect sales tax for orders outside of the State of Illinois.If you are located outside of Illinois, please pay appropriate sales tax directly to your State Revenue office.(They will appreciate your support of your local government.)

Technical Data

Various tables and charts are included on this website. We offer these as guides and assume no responsibility for their accuracy.

Quality Guarantee

All merchandise is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. Merchandise believed to be defective must be authorized for return and must be return prepaid. Freight charges will be refunded if credit is allowed against warranty.


Claims for shortages, pricing errors, or erroneous charges should be presented within ten (10) days of receipt of goods. ALL CREDIT TO BE ISSUED AGAINST DEFECTIVE MATERIAL MUST BE AUTHORIZED BY THE MANUFACTURER.


On material not yet in process, no charge. On material in process, a cancellation charge may be imposed. Orders for special non-stock materials cannot be cancelled without our permission. All such requests will be made to our manufacturers, and only on their approval can such cancellation be made.

Return Goods

All ACE merchandise is sold without return privilege. Prior written authorization must be obtained to return merchandise for replacement or repair. There will be a 20% handling and restocking charge applied to items authorized for return. Specified cut or fabricated items are not returnable.


Always provide ACE Hose & Rubber with complete product application information when specifying or ordering ACE Products so that we may assist in supplying the appropriate materials.

Disclaimer of Express Warranties

Any affirmation of fact or promise made by the Seller shall not be deemed to create an express warranty that the goods shall conform to the affirmation or promise; any description of the goods is for the sole purpose of identifying them and shall not be deemed to create an express warranty that the goods shall conform to such description; any sample or model is for illustrative purposes only and shall not be deemed to create an express warranty that the goods shall conform to the sample or model; and no affirmation or promise, or description, or sample or model shall be deemed part of the basis of the bargain.