1duct TCI


  • PTFE Flexible Ducting Product
  • Corrosion-free
  • Upper temperature limit of 600°F (316°C)
  • 6 to 1 compression ratio
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Wear-resistant metal ring exterior
  • Excellent non-flammability properties
  • Zero-porosity PTFE flexible component
  • PTFE-coated fiberglass and Silicone-coated fiberglass materials have limited flexing capability and can be corroded. 1duct is made using an all-PTFE Crossfilm material, which exhibits excellent flexing life and no corrosion. Unlike fiberglass-reinforced materials which break down in flexible duct service, all-PTFE Crossfilm materials retain their key physical properties indefinitely. The 1duct can serve as an excellent barrier product in pressure service.
  • 1duct can be made with a galvanized or stainless metal coil that protects against abrasion. A bridge clamp, using a clamping design that spans the metal coil, is used to achieve a tight attachment to a pipe . In a design consisting only of PTFE and metal, 1duct is the ideal flexible ducting product for applications with fire rating test concerns like Factory Mutual 4910, ASTM E84, UBC 8-1, and UL 723.
  • It is unaffected by UV exposure and will not grow fungus. It can include an electrically-conductive surface material to prevent the build-up of static charge.
  • Some applications include: clean rooms, chemical plants, food plants, fume exhaust, high temperature, pharmaceutical, fume control, and pollution control.
  • Maximum length 25FT.
  • All hoses are made to order. Allow 2-3 weeks to ship.
    ID Positive
    3″ 181 in. w.c. 52 in. w.c. 1.74″ 0.42 lbs/ft
    4″ 118 in. w.c. 31 in. w.c. 2.35″ 0.43 lbs/ft
    5″ 81 in. w.c. 19 in. w.c. 2.91″ 0.50 lbs/ft
    6″ 62 in. w.c. 13 in. w.c. 3.49″ 0.57 lbs/ft
    7″ 48 in. w.c. 10 in. w.c. 4.11″ 0.72 lbs/ft
    8″ 38 in. w.c. 7 in. w.c. 4.65″ 0.78 lbs/ft
    9″ 31 in. w.c. 5 in. w.c. 6.19″ 0.94 lbs/ft
    10″ 27 in. w.c. 4 in. w.c. 6.79″ 1.00 lbs/ft
    12″ 20 in. w.c. 3 in. w.c. 8.14″ 1.36 lbs/ft

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