Blue Layflat Potable Water Hose


  • NSF 61 listed, USA
  • An extremely hardwearing hose for transfer of drinking or other liquids intended for human consumption.
  • Made from extruded thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane (TPU) with excellent wear and tear properties.
  • The reinforcement is made from circular woven filament polyester yarn.
  • The “extrusion through the weave” production method gives a very strong bonding between cover and lining as well as firmly encapsulating the woven polyester.
  • Has high resistance against commonly used chemicals and UV barriers to prevent damage due to UV radiation.
  • The excellent abrasion resistance of the TPU material enables the use of very thin, lightweight hose with large diameters to be quickly and easily deployed in disaster areas without risk of damage to the hose.
  • The circular weaving of the filament polyester yarn ensures interlocking of the reinforcing yarns and increases both tensile strength and pressure rating.
  • The interlocking weave ensures that the extension in length does not exceed 2% when pulled or pressurized. This keeps \”snaking\” of the hose at a minium.
  • Temperature Range: -58 Deg F to +170 Deg F.
  • Can withstand intermittent use up to 180 Deg F.
  • Coupled assemblies are aluminum internal expansion couplings. Also available in brass for an additional charge.
  • 3in ID only available with shank type couplings NPSM
  • Cam and Groove couplings are also available

  • sold in increments of 5ft
per ft
1″ + 1/16 0.062 0.11lbs 300psi
1-1/2 + 1/16 0.070 0.19lbs 300psi
2″ + 1/16 0.077 0.25lbs 300psi
2-1/2″ + 1/16 0.083 0.33lbs 300psi
3″ + 1/16 0.090 0.47lbs 300psi
4″ + 1/16 0.110 0.70lbs 250psi
    For California Residents:
    Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
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