McDonnell Miller


  • Topog-E® Series 180, Rubber Gaskets
  • Typically used in steam pressure vessels operating at up to 180 psi (12.4 bar) and 380°F (193°C).
  • Applications: steam pressure vessels, hot water heaters, demineralizers, steam humidifiers, water purifiers, refrigeration units, filtering units, liquid treatment vessels, compressed air tanks, dryer cans in paper mills, water towers, water softeners, deaerators, and make-up tanks.
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    T2360-MMG-4500 1/4 Round 8-Hole – HI-TEMP
    T2370-MMG-PTFE 1/4 Round 8-Hole – PTFE
    T2350-MMG-4401 1/4 Round 8-Hole
    T2351-MMG-4401 1/4 Round 4-Hole
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