Closed Cell Sponge Tubing for Pipe Insulation – 3-1/8in. – 6in.



  • This pipe insulation is a flexible elastomeric thermal insulation
  • Black in color
  • Supplied as unslit tubing
  • In nominal wall thicknesses of 3/8in., 1/2in., 3/4in., and 1in.
  • In popular sizes up to 6in. IPS
  • The tubing is made of nitrile/pvc blend
  • The expanded closed-cell structure of this makes it an efficient insulation
  • The insulation has a flame-spread rating of 25 or less and a smoke-developed rating of 50 or less


  • It can be used to retard heat gain and control condensation drip from cold-water plumbing, chilled-water, and refrigeration lines
  • It also efficiently reduces heat flow for hot-water plumbing, liquid-heating and dual-temperature piping


  • The recommended temperature usage range is -70 Deg F to +220 Deg F
  • Pricing is per 6ft long standard length
  • IPS refers to a tubing inside diameter to fit over the indicated pipe size (ie. 2in. IPS = 2-3/8in. ID)
  • Item with * Star in the drop down menu are non stock and require full box quantity to supply.
  • Min order $200.00

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