Epoxy Nose Caulk EN-610 (Environmentally Friendly)


  • Recommended for all Stair Tread installations.
  • Nose Caulk is necessary when installing Adjusta-Nose treads or when the step nosing is broken, worn or rounded.
  • This two-part Epoxy Caulk will fill voids at the nose of the step and give needed support underneath the stair tread nose. Nose Caulk can also be used to repair the top surface of the step.
  • Dual-Cartridge dispensers save time, labor, mess, and cleanup. Trigger stokes automatically mix the two-part Epoxy as both compounds travel through the mixing nozzle. Dual-Cartridge yields approx. 50 lineal feet of 1/4″ bead.
  • Both the ECD-18 and the ECD-26 dispensers have two mix ratio cartridges of 200ml x 200ml, side-by-side design, in-line rods (no bending), component replaceable parts, and a wear compensating device (no trigger loss.)
  • Epoxy dry time is 15-20 minutes. When mixing parts, only mix enough to use in 15 minutes or less.
  • Adhesives are non returnable.
    ECD-18 Standard Dispenser ECD-26 Deluxe Dispenser
    • Nominal Thrust 550lbs
    • Mechanical Advantage 18:1
    • Steel Stablizing Strap on Bottom
    • Extra Thrust (More Power)
    • Mechanical Advantage 26:1
    • Bottom Cartridge Support Straps
  • Orders under $150.00 for this product line will incur a small order fee of $20.00
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