Flex-Flyte ® Series L-9


  • Two-ply silicone coated fiberglass hose with a helically wound spring wire imbedded between two-plies.
  • Temperature Range: -75°F (-59.44°C) to 500°F (260°C)
  • Intermittent Temperature: 600°F (315.56°C)
  • UV and weather resistant.
  • Light weight, easy to install and non-kinking.
  • Standard duct for high temperature air flow and fume removal.
  • Internal ply provides a smooth interior for maximum air flow and minimum friction loss.
  • Great for handling air, dust, fumes and light powder.
  • Not recommended for liquids or abrasive materials.
  • Color: Brick Red
  • Available in other lengths, with cuffs, or as a one-ply (for lower pressure applications). Please call for quote.
  • Minimum Order $200.
  • Sizes marked with “¹” are in stock items. For non stock items, call for minimum order requirements.
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