Grit-Surface Aluminum Stair Treads GSA


Renovate slippery, dangerous, worn stairs, protect new stairs. Install OUTDOORS or INDOORS on wood, concrete, treated lumber, slate or marble steps. Offers slip resistant surface – use for churches, motels, schools, apartments, amusement parks, condos, clinics, cruise ships, etc. Diamond hard aluminum oxide abrasives combined with “space age” polymeric binders are bonded to a heat treated high strength aluminum square nose stair tread.

  • The 9″ and 11″ deep treads have a 1″ tapered aluminum back edge
  • The 7-1/2″ tread has a rounded back edge that can be butted to the filler pieces for extra tread depth
  • Treads and fillers are available solid (for glue-down applications) or with countersunk holes (for screw-down applications)
  • Two holes are countersunk every 12″
  • Available up to 10ft long.
  • Prices are per linear foot. When ordering enter total linear feet, then when checking out, indicate how you would like the treads cut (ie.12ft cut into 6 pc at 2ft long each)
  • Click here for installation and maintenance directions


  • GSA75: 1.9 lbs per lin. ft
  • GSA9: 2.2 lbs per lin. ft
  • GSA11: 2.8 lbs per lin. ft
  • GSA25: 0.8 lbs per lin. ft
  • GSA55: 1.2 lbs per lin. ft
  • Orders under $150.00 for this product line will incur a small order fee of $20.00
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