Koroseal Vinyl Rib Design Stair Treads 2335-5/355


Lower cost production for multi-family dwellings, apartment houses, low income housing. This tread with extra long nose is designed to use on a 2″ x 12″ plank step or molded concrete step. Heavier thickness at front “wear area”. Treads are easy to install; flat rib surface is easy to clean. Meets Fed. Specs. RR-T-650E Type B.

  • 1/8″ thick, 12″ deep, with 1-3/4″ extra long square nose
  • Contains no asbestos fiber
  • Made of first quality homogenous vinyl, color throughout thickness
  • Free from imperfections which might lessen serviceability
  • ATTN: If precise color matching is critical, contact us first for a sample
  • Click here for installation and maintenance directions
  • Orders under $150.00 for this product line will incur a small order fee of $20.00
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