Molded Black Rubber Dock Bumper 10in. x 30in. M-3-/M-330



  • Perfect protection for any high traffic truck dock
  • In-plant wall protection from forklifts and other material handling vehicles


    • Manufactured from fiber-reinforced prime rubber containing nylon and polyester
    • Thickness available from 2in. to 6in.
    • Impact recovery (ASTM 1170) of 95% with 85(+/- 5) durometer
    • Tensile strength is 950 psi – 1050 psi
    • All models have pre-drilled, countersunk mounting holes for easy installation and are drilled to accept 3/4in. anchor bolts (not included)
    • Weight M-30 4in. thick 41 lbs, M-330 3in. thick 29 lbs
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