Nylon Inserted Neoprene Diaphragm Sheet, Cut/Slit 3/16, 1/4 tk


  • Neoprene rubber with square woven 7.0 ounce nylon fabric for durability in dynamic applications requiering extra strength.
  • Excellent stretch and tear resistance.
  • Moderate oil resistance.
  • Smooth clean finish, free of talc (ideal for PSA applications).
  • Durometer: 60(+/-5)
  • Color: Black
  • Temperature Range: -30 Deg F to 190 Deg F
  • Fabric Type: 7.0 ounce Nylon
  • Continuous Lay Line: Includes style, durometer, and lot code.
  • ASTM Line Call Out: D2000-M2-BC607-A14-B14-F17
  • 1/16in. is 1 ply, 3/32in. is 1 ply, 1/8in. is 2 ply, 3/16in. is 3 ply, and 1/4in. is 4 ply.
  • Prices are per linear foot
  • Allow 3-5 days to process stripping orders
  • Due to set up costs, minimum order for stripping is $40.00 per size

    Additional widths available, call for quote.

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