Nylon Inserted SBR Sheet rubber Full rolls SNI


  • SBR rubber with square woven 3.4 ounce nylon plies for durability in dynamic applications requiring extra strength
  • Excellent stretch, creep, and tear resistance.
  • Smooth clean finish, free of talc (ideal for PSA applications)
  • Certificates of Conformance indicating production date and lot code are available on request at time of order
  • Durometer: 60(+/- 5)
  • Color: Black
  • Temperature Range: -20 Deg F to 170 Deg F
  • Fabric type: 3.4 ounce Nylon
  • Continuous Lay Line: Includes style, durometer, and lot code
  • ASTM Line Call Out: D2000-M2-AA603-A13-B33-EA14
Category: SKU: SNI