Pure Gum Sheet Rubber Stripping 1″ thickness Priced per linnear foot


  • Soft highly abrasion resistant Natural Rubber Sheet used when resiliency, wear and cushioning are required
  • Not recommended for ozone or oil resistance
  • Durometer 40(+/- 5)
  • Color: Tan
  • Tensile Strength 2,500 psi
  • Elongation 600%
  • Temperature Range -20°F to +160°F
  • ASTM Line call out D2000-M2-AA4071-A13-B33-F17
  • Special pricing for full roll quantities
  • Gum is the same chemical composition as latex or natural rubber
  • Prices are per linear foot
  • Allow 3-5 days to process stripping orders
  • Due to set up costs, minimum order for stripping is $80.00 per size
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