Rubba Tape


  • RUBBA Tape is an extremely tacky self-adhering uncured Butyl rubber material, fabric reinforced to eliminate stretching and prevent creeping or extruding in service.
  • Used in architectural designs of buildings, vehicles and water vessels as a watertight seal around windows or door frames or where metal panels are joined together. It may also be used as an anti-squeak absorption buffer or vibration eliminator in metal-to-metal applications in the building of trucks and buses.
  • During accelerated weather testing, no loss of flexibility or resiliency and no surface cracking after 1300 hours of weathering exposure.
  • Able to withstand sub-zero temperatures (-70° F) with no adverse effects.
  • Tested at 100 pphm for 72 hours at 150° F, RUBBA Tape exhibits no deterioration of material. Therefore, a very long service life under high degrees of ozone concentration is anticipated.
  • Available in 1/32″ through 1/8″ thicknesses and widths of 1/4″ through 36″. It can also be custom slit to virtually any required width.
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