High Profile Raised Disc Grit Strip GS780R formerly GS787 or GS780VI formerly GS787VI


Ideal for public buildings where fire-safety is a prime prerequisite; durable for heavy traffic areas. Circular discs (3/4″ diameter) are easy to clean, affords safer pedestrian traffic. Meets Federal Specs. RR-T-650E. Install with No. 400 Neoprene Contact Adhesive, back of tread and back of nosing; use No. 110 Epoxy Stair Caulk inside of nose.

  • 3/16″ thick tapering to back edge; 12-1/16″ deep
  • Smooth rear border is 3in deep.
  • Flame Spread Rating of 25 or less using ASTM-E-84 Test
  • Square nose (1-9/16″ deep)
  • Treads have a sanded back for proper adhesion.
  • Contains no asbestos fiber
  • Made of top quality homogenous rubber compound, color extending throughout thickness
  • Free from objectionable odors or imperfections which might impair serviceability
  • ATTN: If precise color matching is critical, contact us first for a sample
  • Click here for installation and maintenance directions
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