Special Purpose Hose – Plastic Vacuum Hose- Super Vacuflex


  • Heavy duty plastic hose for air, gases, dust, fumes and liquid by suction, gravity or pressure.
  • Max Vacuum for 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″, size 29 in/Hg
  • Max Vacuum for 2″, size 20 in/Hg
  • Maximum length of 50ft.

  • Smooth vinyl screw on cuffs available.
  • The Super Vac-U-Flex was designed to offer maximum flexibility and strength while providing an aesthetically appealing and unique construction. The hose consists of a coated wire helix with a single ply cover. Polyester reinforcing yarns are laid longitudinally and radially to provide additional strength. A second ply of material is extruded over the yarns and inner cover. This construction offers excellent helix-to-cover adhesion and a smooth interior for superior air flow characteristics.

    Available in a wide range of colors, internal diameters (1 ¼” – 6”) and in lengths up to 50’. Molded-on end fittings that are fused together to create an airtight seal are available as well as the standard screw-on type end fittings.