Colored Replacement Grit Strip Inserts


A tough mineral-coated waterproof non-slip surfacing with a pressure sensitive adhesive back. Helps grip foot traffic, preventing slipping, easy to apply; use inside or outside. Rectangular sizes with rounded corners or in rolls cut to any length. We suggest priming surfaces with Grit Strip Adhesive before applying. Ideal for entranceways, ramps and walkways, stairways, heavy traffic areas, work areas, loading docks, recreational vehicles, boats & docks, cafeterias, kitchens, coolers, around drinking fountains and ice machines. May be used for exposure to intermittent water or splash around swimming pools; will tolerate steam or detergent cleaning; essentially unaffected by climate, mild acid or alkali under normal conditions. All test data and results based on proper application on smooth, clean, dry surfaces. Helps prevent slipping. Design surface with Grit-Strips offer added safety and longer wear. All treads have color through entire thickness. All treads meet Flame Spread Rating of 75 or less using ASTM-E-84 Test

  • Grit Strips shall be 1/32″ thick with pressure sensitive adhesive back
  • Replacement grit strip inserts for use with grit strips
  • Length can not be cut more than 60ft long
  • Quantity ordered should match or exceed length of grit strip tread
  • Category: SKU: SKUACEHOSE281