Molded Expansion Joints – Twin Sphere


  • Single Arch Spherical Expansion Joint with 150# Floating Flanges Drilled Holes.
  • Available In:
  • Non-Metallic Expansion Joint designed for tough demanding industrial applications as found in:
    -Air Conditioning-Heating and Ventilating Systems
    -Chemical-Petrochemical and Industrial Process Piping Systems
    -Power Generating Systems, Marine Services
    -Pulp & Paper Systems
    -Water-Wastewater-Sewage and Pollution Control Systems
  • Installed next to mechanical equipment or between the anchor points of a piping system.
  • Absorbs Pipe/Movement/Stress
  • Reduces System Noise
  • Isolates Vibration
  • Compensates Alignment/Offset
  • Eliminates Electrolysis
  • Protects Against Start-Up/Surge Forces
  • Control Rods come as a set of two rods.
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