Molded Rubber Grit Strip Diamond Design Stair Treads GS620D (formerly GS622) and GS620DVI (formerly GS622VI)


Available with two 3/4″ wide or one 2″ Wide, long wearing mineral coated Grit Strips recessed the full length of the tread at impact area. Helps prevent slipping. Design surface with Grit Strips offer added safety and longer wear. All treads have color through entire thickness. All treads meet Flame Spread Rating of 75 or less using ASTM-E-84 Test. Diamond design surface is 6″ deep, covers impact area of pedestrian traffic. Meets Federal Specs. RR-T-650E and ZZ-T-001237(GSA-FSS). Install with Neoprene Contact Adhesive or Rubber Flooring Adhesive; use Epoxy Nose Caulk for longer wear and added safety. Improve appearance, add safety and durability, lessen traffic noise in schools, hospitals, banks, theatres, hotels, airports, restaurants, factories, malls; all heavily travelled stairways.

  • 3/16″ thick, tapering to back edge, 12-1/16″ deep
  • Smooth rear border is 5-1/2in deep
  • 1-9/16″ square nose (or 1-3/8″ curved nose)
  • A Flame Spread Rating of 75 or less using ASTM-E-84 Test
  • Treads have a sanded back for proper adhesion.
  • Contains no asbestos fiber.
  • Molded of top quality homogeneous rubber compound, color extending throughout thickness
  • Free from objectionable odors, blisters, cracks or imperfections which might impair serviceability
  • ATTN: If precise color matching is critical, contact us first for a sample.
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