Style 2 Ply Rubber Rough Top


  • Nominal OAG: .250
  • Color: Black
  • Plies: 2 ply
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Minimum Pulley Diameter: 3″
  • Top Surface: Rubber Hemp Impression
  • Bottom Surface: Bare
  • Compound: SBR
  • Recommended Work Tensio: 150 lbs. PIW
  • Elogation: Less Than 2%
  • Weight P.I.W. per ft: .11
  • Working Temperature: -40 Deg F to 250 Deg F
  • FDA Accepted: No
  • USDA Accepted: No
  • Joining Method: Lap Splice/Lacing
  • Recommended Fastener: Clipper-Small 1/Big 2SP; Alligator 15; Staple 125
  • Fabrication Key: A2


  • This belt offers excellent gripping for standard incline conveyors.
  • The polyester carcass offers high strength and low stretch.


  • This belt is the most popular incline belt in its product line.
  • It will handle most all products including boxed, bagged, or packaged goods.
    *Note: the rough top must be ressesed to use the recommended lacing.
  • Lacing quoted is steel Staple lacing, attached to belt. Also avaiable in stainless steel lacing, call for quote.
  • Avalible in any width, call for quote.
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